Week of the Tweets

This week I started a twitter account for my Public Relations Writing class. I think it was a good idea to start a page that I can keep controlled and rated pg-13. I already had a social page, but some of the things that I tweet about on there are probably inappropriate to share with my professors. I would be more than comfortable to share some of my ideas and feelings with professors, but I am certain that some of the things I talk about with my friends may not exactly match up with the side of my personality that I show in school.

I actually read a some interesting news this week that I wouldn’t have seen if we weren’t required to follow some of the people on our professor suggested. I read an interesting article about koala bears dying from STD’s at an alarming rate. I’ve always wanted to see a koala bear, but seeing this article made me realize that not everything is here forever. I should take advantage of my youth to travel, and experience things, and enjoy life before I get into the routine of what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.

My tweets were all pretty bland, and I mainly posted information about my teams. I tweeted about my flag football team, my fantasy football team, the Titans, the Falcons, the Braves, and my video games. But I did notice a difference between my social account and my “professional” account. It seems that the amount of people on your personal time-line tweeting is actually the deciding factor of when you see the fail-whale.

I always thought that the fail-whale was based on how many people were using twitter worldwide. But there were times when my social account would send the fail-whale to visit me, but my “professional” account would allow me to access my home page as well as click and visit other pages with no problem at the same time frame.

I enjoyed this assignment because I learned this tid-bit about the fail-whale, which tells me that when I start seeing it again its time to unfollow the people who are flooding my time-line with nonsense.

I also saw a very controversial tweet that I did not agree with at all. Chris Brown’s mother tweeted “Michael Jackson died so that Chris Brown could live.” I felt that this tweet was both distasteful and inappropriate.


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